This UI design and Logo was made for a VR Game called 'Void Runner'. The game was a joint project between Humber College's Game Programming and 3D Animation Programs. The first person shooter game is based in Outer space. The object of the game is to locate the other players and shoot their ship down before they shoot yours.  

***Fun Fact: I had the privilege of being the Co-Art Director with friend/ classmate Autumn Unwin on this project.

To stick with the sci-fi them, the design of the menu appears in the game as a see through hologram with rotating 3D models in the blank boxes above designed by the Humber 3D animation team. The UI design was to appear modern, while still giving off a retro feel; this carried out through the 3D models (like the 3d ship hanger I modelled in the background of the menu) music and sound effects.
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