It won’t take you many listens to realize that Toronto-based singer-songwriter, producer and musical editor, Charlene Nash, is determined to be a true light in this world with every song she creates.

Charlene has known her purpose in life early on. From a very young age, she set out on a journey to bring the message of hope through her music and God-given talents.

Her sound’s heterogeneity captivates listeners with a variety of alternative blends such as electronic, r&b, pop, gospel-contemporary… and that’s only naming a few. Charlene’s introspective lyrical approach paired with cinematic visuals, presents Christ-centric inklings. Charlene is not afraid to be vulnerable in her music; shamelessly addressing the daily struggles and mundane moods experienced on this side of glory. She reminds her fans of the world to come and summons their attention to be focused on the Maker of all things

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